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Microsoft office

CCMS is a certification course provided by the TCIL-IT Government of India. This course will help you learn all about Microsoft Office and get the certificate.

Web Development

web development is a course provided by TCIL-IT Government of India. during this course students will learn about HTML,CSS,JS ,PHP,react. Also, get real-time project experience to enhance their skills with our engineers.


JAVA programming classes will teach you from the basic to advanced level with a hands-on project to understand the practical use of JAVA programming.

C and CPP

This course is provided by menlopark to improve the programming language skills of technical students by doing hands-on experience and real-time projects with experienced engineers. This will help the students to get jobs in the software field.


During this python course, students will learn from the basic to advanced level of python which includes the basics of AI and ML. This course will help the students to prepare and get jobs in their respective fields. 


Arduino course is mainly dedicated to electronics lovers who want to learn about the microcontroller and programming related to them. this course will help you to understand all about sensors and actuators, IoT, Robotics, Automation. In this course, students will receive the Arduino kit which includes all the necessary electronics kits which help them to do the hands-on experiences.

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